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Underground termites are tiny 1/8-inch long insects that range from light brown to white. Every each year they do harm to commercial and residential properties all over the USA billions of dollars of destruction! As two million termites living in colonies Their lifestyle resembles an ant’s, except they are entirely below the soil’s surface. Termites dig in search of wood for their diet at regular intervals. The structure of your house’s wood is a fallen tree from the forest, while the foundation you have built is an unfinished rock. So, keeping the wood away from the soil termites moving through is the most effective way to stop termites from “picnicking” in your house. They construct distinctive tunnels, also known as “mud tubes,” to get to food sources and shield themselves from elements when they come across a rock, which is your home’s foundation. They consume wood 7 all week long and all hours of the day with their jaws like scissors. Subterranean termites feed on materials such as cardboard and paper that contain cellulose, just as other species of termites. The termites that reproduce, which are darker and have darker wings, gather from the mature nests of subterranean termites in springtime to form new colonies. Termites are easily found within our homes and are known to hunt for wood on different dates.
Building regulations determine how earth and wood around foundations should be treated, even though these rules are only temporary. The time is close when termites could find a way to enter your home. The National Pest Management Association claims termites are the most destructive wood-boring insect in the United States. They are more costly yearly than floods and fires and are estimated at $5 billion! Due to their devastation, lending institutions usually demand expert inspection for pests before selling the property. Termites may cause damage to houses, and it’s hard to imagine that a small creature can impact our homes. Termites damage the homes of hundreds of thousands every year. Contact our experts in Termite Control when you begin to believe you may be suffering from termites.

Termites Control USA
Termites Control USA

Complete Cycle Of Termites Termination And Control


Before starting any termite treatment, our expert will thoroughly inspect your home to ascertain the degree of the infestation and estimate the cost of the service. Check full Termite Inspection process here .

Make sure you are ready.

Most of the time, no further preparation is required for spider treatments. The technician will enter your home with your family, you, and your pets and perform the procedure.


Pest Control My Area employ liquid treatments to get rid of termite infestations. At present, Trelona termite baiting systems comprise the majority of our termite treatments. This solution is highly effective due to its advanced insect-specific chemical against termites. Furthermore, it’s inexpensive and green.

Each year, termites cause damage to structures and homes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many people don’t realize that termite infestations cause more financial damage each year than hurricanes, windstorms, and tornadoes and occur five times more often than fires at home. The worst part is that homeowner’s insurance usually only covers damage caused by termites.

When homeowners spot signs of termites, they should immediately start looking for solutions. They won’t go out on their own. A termite’s lifespan can be 15 years, while the life span of colonies as a whole is more significant. It is crucial not to notice this problem.

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